Akkermansia High Potency
Akkermansia High Potency
Akkermansia High Potency
Akkermansia High Potency
Akkermansia High Potency
Akkermansia High Potency
Akkermansia High Potency

Akkermansia High Potency

500M-1B AFU 30-60 capsules

Gut Health
Akkermansia muciniphila is a next generation probiotic with a huge range of health benefits. Our high-potency isolated strain, with two types of prebiotic, plays a vital role in boosting akkermansia levels, which are essential for gut protection, inflammation support, and weight balance.
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A varied microbiome with a healthy balance of different strains is essential to overall physical and mental wellness. Fresh Nutrition Akkermansia provides 500 million AFU per capsule of this vital strain to encourage a balanced gut. We also include two synergistic prebiotics for a more effective dose. Beware of products claiming ultra-high potencies (300B+), as these are likely low quality and unproven strains. Fresh Nutrition uses a certified strain developed by gastroenterologists.
Akkermansia muciniphila has been shown to have an influence on glucose and lipid metabolism through the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which induces the production of PYY, GLP-1 and GLP-2, thereby regulating metabolism and improving metabolic health.
Studies show Akkermansia muciniphila accounts for up to 4% of total bacteria in healthy adult microbiomes. Low counts of Akkermansia have been tied to a range of metabolic illnesses. With 500 Million AFU per capsule, Fresh Nutrition provides one of the highest potencies available, to help you boost and maintain your gut's supply of this essential probiotic.
A. muciniphila can improve the intestinal barrier by up-regulating tight junction proteins and reducing LPS leakage, effectively curbing inflammation throughout the body.

Freshly asked

Akkermansia Muciniphila is relatively new discovery, first isolated in 2004. It's a beneficial bacterium known for its positive effects on gut health, particularly in supporting the integrity of the mucosal layer. Unlike many probiotics, it primarily feeds on mucus, promoting a balanced gut environment. Its unique function sets it apart from traditional probiotics that may focus on different mechanisms for gut support.

While akkermansia is naturally present in some individuals' guts, levels can vary. It's found in certain foods like pomegranates and cranberries, but supplementation ensures a more consistently balanced microbiome, especially for those seeking targeted gut health benefits.

Fresh Nutrition akkermansia can be complemented by other probiotics or prebiotics. However, it's advisable to introduce them gradually to monitor individual reactions. Consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended, especially if you are combining supplements or have specific health concerns.

Like all supplements, individual responses may vary, but many users report positive effects within a few weeks of consistent use. We recommend introducing new probiotics slowly – try taking half a dose for the first few days.